Celebrating 10+ Years with Mauricio owner of Tequila Town!

Cabo Wine Club is the oldest, most prestige Wine Club in the entire Baja California Sur, including Cabo San Lucas!! We have the most incredible, loyal members that anyone could ask for! We host Wine, Craft Beer, Mezcal, and Boutique Tequila Tastings as well as Culinary Events, in Baja California Sur, including Cabo San Lucas, San Jose Del Cabo, Todo Santos, La Paz, Loretto, Ensenada and  Globally around the world!!

Our members love the connections we offer between our Wine, Beer, Mezcal and Tequila Distributors; Along with our Partnered Restaurant's, Award Winning Chef's, On-Site Tours, etc. We give our members the ability to connect with other members and guests through common interests such as Wine Tastings, Traveling Sip Trips, Boutique Tequila & Gourmet Taco Tastings, Craft Beer Flight Schools, and so much more!

We have experienced so many memories in the past & we are creating new experiences for our Cabo Wine Club Members weekly! Check out our Current Event Calendar to see what all we have in store for you.

Our Founder Tana Craighead

Tana Doing what she loves!

It came about one day... as I was sitting bored reading a local newspaper, as we used to do before social media, I was intrigued about a Wine group that was starting.  With nothing better to do, I said "heck I'll go".  I don't know anything about wine or even drink it, but hey there will be people there and it will be fun! Needless to say I went, had a great time, drank lots of wine, but I woke up the next morning so hungover, I said those famous words... "I will never drink wine again"!  Little did I remember from the night, while enjoying my wine buzz, I volunteered to host the next wine get together in my home in Northern California.  Not only did I volunteer to host, I agreed to cook a lamb dinner!  That's when I began my new found love for wine. The more you drink the better you get at it right!  We laughed, shared stories, ate great meals, and made many new friends.

Then came Cabo... I moved here with my family as one of those "SNOW BIRDS".  I started missing my fun monthly wine meet ups, the socializing, the food, and the friendships.  So I decided like any wine lover would, well I will just host one here in my family's home in Pedregal!  With just a small group of friends we began getting together for these monthly wine meet ups, and of course as the news got out and word travels fast in a small town, we began to grow like crazy.  In need of a remedy to this crazy fun group, I decided to start a Wine Club hence the name AKA "Cabo Wine Club" was birthed into existence right out of my home!

This was the beginning of my love affair with Cabo & Wine.  I would host monthly wine & dine dinners, blind wine tastings, and enjoying wine as just another reason to bring the community together!  It got too large of course to host them in my home, so we began meeting at local area restaurants, where I then became friends with the owners, and chefs who now are like family!  I started hosting Traveling Sip Trips, "It's all in the Sauce" Cooking Classes, "Wine & Dine Dinner Pairings", and so much more!!!

Then one day came my love for Tequila, and that is a whole other story for another day!!  You will have to read about it under our Tequila Tab!!

Thank you for taking time to read my story.  I look forward to meeting you, and having you as a part of wine club, now the oldest wine club in Cabo and all of Baja California Sur.

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